I'm an ambitious and adaptive individual who has acquired a solid base in the media freelance sector dealing with small and large companies. Graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor in Design and simultaneously a Master of Arts, I consider myself a hardworking young man who is ready to specialise and advance my technical abilities.

Al links on this page open within this website and are projects I have worked on.

Professional Experience
Various Freelance Assignments
2008 - present

In the past few years I have shot photo- and videography assignments for persons, local businesses and large corporations. A small selection of my assignments:

- NLO attorneys: Documenting a major renovation for promotional purposes and portraying 111 employees
- Camera operator for AT5, TV-Brabant & TV-Groningen.
- Creating various promotional photos & videos for Seafood Centre and other food related businesses
- Creating various after movies
- Developing social media implementations for the majority of these assignments

Various Animations | Freelancer at Rogier Wieland
2012 - 2015

I have worked as all round technical / production assistant and animator as part of a team for brands like FIFA, Kipling, Starbucks, Hermes, Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken and Lego. All the projects where very challenging and had to be delivered within six to eight weeks.

My tasks where technical assistance, production, animation and set building. The animations were viewed by hundreds of thousands to billions of people and are regarded by the media community as innovative and high-end.

HTML5 Banners & Wordpress sites
2011 - 2015

I've designed and animated (passive & reactive) HTML5 floorads, prestititials, sticky ads, video overlays, mobile and Ipad banners by using pre-designed logo's for RTLZ, Robeco, TOTO and CB12.

After approval on the design I delivered the banners to a Rich Media ScreenAd platform by Weborama. I used Adobe Edge, Flash and Photoshop.

I've created various responsive Wordpress websites for small businesses. I'm able to build a design from scratch in HTML5 and CSS(3). I know enough about PHP and Javascript to implement and modify scripts.

Photography, Film & Cinematography Teacher | Bagamoyo Art Academy
Okt - Dec 2013

I have taught teachers and students in photography, film and cinematography on the Bagamoyo Art Academy in Tanzania. I've supported teachers in developing a two year lesson plan and created supporting media and presentations.

A secondary object was to repair computer and camera equipment.

Sales Representative / Educator Canon | Hamilton Bright
2010 - 2012

I've sold and promoted Canon products in Media Markt, Camera Express and Saturn stores throughout the Netherlands. My secondary objective was to teach store employees on how to sell products in a proper way. I followed various sale and Canon training courses.

I expanded quickly the amount of products I was able promote, at the end I was additionally trained to promote Sony, AMD, Intel, Acer and Packard Bell products.

Video Production & Advocacy Teacher | Collaboration
Sep - Dec 2009

Together with an anonymous NGO we have developed and taught a video production and advocacy course for Burmese immigrants who where selected for the 'Burma Leadership Program'.

The goal of this course was to teach future community leaders to capture problems in secluded areas through media. After this course the students were able to find a story, write a script, film & edit the story and upload it to Youtube. We also taught basic cinematography and storytelling.

Documentary 'Illegal Immigrants on the Mae Sot Garbage Dump' | Independent Production
Aug 2008 - June 2009

I have independently produced, shot and edited a documentary about Burmese illegal immigrants who live on a garbage dump in Mae Sot, Thailand.

In addition to the documentary I have created a photo serie. During my time in Thailand I also interviewed former Burmese political prisoners for online publication.

As a result of the documentary I was interviewed in August 2014 by the Daybreak Asia Radio show and an article was featured about my experiences on the garbage dump on the website of Voices of America.

You can find related photos and movies in the Experiences abroad section.

HKU | MA Creative Design for Digital Cultures
Utrecht, 2013 - 2014

The MA CDDC is intended for (early) creative design professionals and offers a specialised program of study in the field of new media applications. The research focuses mainly on innovation and developing new concepts.

HKU | BDes Image & Media Technology
Utrecht, 2011 - 2014 (Fast Track with Honours)

Bachelor in Design of media productions combining photography, film and animation (2011 has a 7% admit rate).

Deltion College | MBO Multimedia Design
Zwolle, 2005 - 2009

Middle-level applied education in designing web-based and television content. The main focus is website development, design and digital design.

Rogier Wieland (Stop Motion Studio)
Sep 2011 - Feb 2012

Delivered technical / productional assistance on high-end stop motion productions, I've worked with camera setups / motion control rigs, stop motion animation, Illustrator, After Effects and Dragonframe.

After evaluation, in addition to my technical skills, my most appreciated assets are: commitment, attitude, a positive mindset and being a team player. This resulted in various new freelance assignments.

M-MAC (Multimedia Productions)
Jan - Jul 2009

Delivered technical assistance to clients, researched video codecs for online streaming. Also: Filming and editing of a music video series.

Infomask (Multimedia Productions)
Jan - Jul 2008

Directing, filming and editing video series for an online educational platform, delivered all needed episodes and picked up productional tasks when needed. I've also created Flash and After Effects animations.

Software Knowledge

I have proficient skills in Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut 9/X, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Edge and Dragonframe on mac and windows.

I have adequate skills in building websites and all office software. I've used Twitter Bootstrap / Javascript / Jquery for this website.

I know my way around Mac OSX and Windows OS as user and administrator and I'm moderately familiar with Linux.


According to my last two employers my best characteristics are being: pro-active, a team player and when it's necessary I'm the last one to go home.

My broad selection of, but related assignments, have taught me a great deal on how to relate and connect to various departments in the design industry. My freelance experience has trained me to be pro-active, dedicated and never go home before the required task is finished.